Healed Permanent Makeup Powder Eyebrows

2 months post appointment of healed powder brows after colour correction of previous orange eyebrows (previous eyebrows wer not done by Prism). No touch up has been done yet only 1 appointment so far! Now this Kelowna beauty does not have to cover up her old orange eyebrows with make up before leaving home & can feel completely confident again with her new permanent eyebrows.

Benefits of Permanent Make-up

Permanent makeup has all the advantage and benefits for different people and lifestyles. Busy moms  caring for small children with little time who want to look natural without worrying about smudges and smears. Active people who don’t have time to fuss with the daily makeup routine. People who may have allergic reactions to conventional makeup or people that wear contact lenses. Elderly people with visual limitations or unsteady hands. Permanent makeup can also correct nature’s mistakes or scaring from an accident or surgery.

permanent make up eyeliner kelowna

Before and after example of how permanent makeup is able to enhance your natural beauty.  Come visit our cosmetic artist located down town Kelowna to set up your free consultation!

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Permanent makeup kelowna

Microblading is a method of tattooing which simulates natural looking hair strokes. Microblading is semi permanent make up and can be altered over a period of time unlike the traditional body tattoo. If you are looking for a long lasting alternative to the everyday make-up routine microblading could be the answer you have been looking for!

Kelowna permanent eyebrows

Kelowna Permanent Cosmetics

Kelowna Permanent Cosmetics studio, Prism Permanent Cosmetics is now offering certified professional permanent cosmetics (permanent makeup / cosmetic tattoo) including microblading, permanent eyebrow, permanent eyeliner, lip liner and blending as well as lip fill (full colour), and lash enhancement services. Learn more about Prism, have a look at our extensive gallery of before and after examples, see our available services, or contact us anytime!