Procedure Compliance 

No Procedure will be booked without a $105 deposit.

We accept deposit payments via email transfer to: or in person at the studio location 269 Bernard ave suite #202 B Kelowna BC

Remaining balances are to be paid the day of your appointment.

Listed prices DO NOT include follow up session and are for current clients only please read/review follow up prices below before booking your appointment: 

















**No Refunds Are Given For Any Reason**

It is essential that you read any and all instructions in preparation for your upcoming procedure. It is your responsibility to comply with these instructions as part of our contractual agreement. If you fail to meet the requirements for your technician to perform the procedure outside if his or her comfort level or if you violate safety guidelines, you will be sent home. If you are sent home, additional fees will be charged in order for you to re-book another time slot, as well as to recover lost time. You will also be financially responsible for any procedural supplies that may have been opened and discarded as a result of your failure to be prepared.

Appointment Rescheduling

  • If you must reschedule your appointment please allow at least 48 hours prior to appointment. If you do not reschedule within the 48 hour period you will forfeit $100 deposit and must pay an additional amount of $100 to reschedule

Facial Make up

  • No facial make up on the area you are having tattooed the day of your appointment 
  • No make up is to be worn directly on the freshly tattooed area during the healing process (all normal make up can be worn EXCEPT the area that is healing)

Correctional work

  • a $100 correctional fee will be added to initial pricing 
  • Corrections may take multiple sessions after initial session is completed regular rates of $175 each session would be applicable 

For Eyeliner Procedures Only

  • Eyelash extensions must be PROFESSIONALLY removed by your lash technician at least 24 hours prior to any eyeliner procedure. Joelle ink will not remove eyelash extensions and will decline your service without refund if you fail to comply.
  • Latisse and other lash growth serums must be discontinued 6 weeks prior to your procedure 
  • If you wear contacts they must be removed before procedure, you will need to bring a pair of glasses as most clients are unable to insert contacts afterwards 

Healing time for Eyebrows &  Eyeliner in TOTAL is 8 weeks to see your final result. Follow up appointments may be made after 8 weeks (if needed) 

For Lip Procedures Only

Lip injections must be avoided 2 months in advance due to injections enhancing lip size this could alter lip tattoo shape and symmetry. You may resume lip injections after appointment once lips are healed.

All clients requesting this service must obtain an oral prescription such as Valtrex from a Doctor before appointment regardless if you have a history of cold sores or not. NO EXCEPTIONS Please inform your Doctor that you will be undergoing lip tattoo procedure, date and time so that the correct dosage is given to you.

You must be a good candidate for lip procedure before booking your appointment. Clients who have darker skin complexions are at a very high risk for hyperpigmentation. In some cases these skin complexions are not good candidates for lip tattoos a consultation is required in these cases before booking an appointment. 

Healing time for lips in TOTAL 12 weeks to see your final result.

Follow up appointments may be made after 12 weeks (if needed) 

NO NSAIDS or contraindicating medications/supplements for 7 days prior to procedure(s)

  • Ibuprofen, Aspirin, baby aspirin, migraine medications, Vitamin E, fish oil, flax seed oil, turmeric, and St. Johns Wort. Certain diets may be problematic as well, especially ones high in Omega 3s. Prescribed medications are not to be discontinued without the prescribing physicians written clearance. Prism Permanent Cosmetic is not responsible for individuals who electively choose to stop taking prescribed health medication(s)

Cosmetic Procedures must be disclosed.

  • Cosmetic Injections
  • Plastic or reconstructive surgery
  • Any laser treatments 
  • Cosmetic enhancements 
  • Topical medications 
  • Beauty services such as facial peels or microdermabrasion all need to be disclosed. 

There are specific time frames with each of these treatments that must be taken into account if you are planning on having permanent cosmetics done. For your safety, we will not be able to perform your procedure unless we have full disclosure of any facial enhancements. Even if it is not directly related to the area you are having work done to, it is important. 

Accutane must be avoided for 12 months

  • Prior to any facial procedure all other medications/supplements must be investigated by the client. 
  • Oral antibiotics may or may not have an effect on the healing and / or the color of the tattoo. It is best to follow the instructions of the prescribed medicine and schedule your procedure when your physician feels it is safe to continue. 

Facial waxing 

  • Should be performed no later than two days before the procedure and no sooner than 7 days after

No coffee or other caffeinated beverages

  • The day of your procedure. Caffeine intake blocks anesthetic and prolongs bleeding. 

No alcohol consumption 

  • 24 hours prior and 24 hours post procedure
  • Alcohol intake blocks anesthetic and prolongs bleeding

No heavy cardio exercise

  • 7 FULL DAYS POST any procedure. NO exceptions. 

Chlorinated pools, hot tubs, gyms and saunas 

  • Are considered to be unclean environments for a healing tattoo. Bacterial infections, as well as poor healing may occur.
  • You may resume use once FULLY healed 

No tanning beds, direct sun exposure (of freshly tattooed area), or sunless tanning topical treatments

  • Two weeks prior to your procedure & during the healing process tanning beds are considered to be an unclean environment and can cause complications during healing.
  • You may wear a hat, sunglasses to protect the freshly tattooed area while outside to ensure the area is not exposed.

NO Guarantee Policy

We cannot guarantee that you will take care of your tattoo after leaving the studio. 

We cannot guarantee that you are a good healer. 

We cannot guarantee how you will heal if you have been worked on previously by another technician.

For these reasons, there are NO guarantees. Therefore, you may need additional visits with the required follow up fee.


By reading Prism Permanent Cosmetics procedural compliance you agree to follow as instructed you are also agreeing that you understand ALL guidelines.

Any negligence on your behalf will not be the fault of Prism Permanent Cosmetics nor will Prism Permanent Cosmetics be held legally responsible by reading this procedure compliance form you are agreeing to release Prism Permanent Cosmetics free of any legal responsibility.

Thank you for choosing Prism Permanent Cosmetics & I look forward to having you!