Prism offers 3 alternative eyebrow options based on your beauty goals; with the guidance of our trained professional the perfect eyebrow is created for you.


Powder Eyebrows

Powder Eyebrows are highly recommended by our technician the results of powder eyebrows are very true to initial procedure. Once healed you will be left with a soft make up filled appearance this type of eyebrow is also one of our lowest maintenance brows. If you feel you are going in for regular “touch up” appointments for your faded microblading or you find yourself penciling in your eyebrows then powder eyebrows is exactly what you need. The process of which powder eyebrows are created is by the use of a tattoo machine not a manual hand tool (microblading technique) this is why powder eyebrows last much longer with the lowest maintenance what you are getting is a cosmetic tattoo.




Combination Eyebrow

Combination Eyebrow is our hybrid of eyebrows our technician has combined the appearance of hair strokes & powder eyebrows into one. This type of eyebrow is recommended for clients wanting the appearance of hair strokes as well as the soft lasting result of powder eyebrows. The process of which Combination Eyebrows are created is by the use of a hand tool (microblading) and a tattoo machine therefor some maintenance may be involved to keep your hair strokes looking fresh.




Microblade Eyebrow

Microblade Eyebrows are great for clients with dry-normal skin types wanting the appearance of natural hair strokes or for clients who would like to ease into a more semi permanent option . Microblade eyebrows are semi permanent therefore follow up appointments are recommended to maintain this eyebrow. Microblading is not recommended for every client but can be determined in a consultation appointment.